The program UNiZENS includes

  • workshops focused on exchange of views, values and experiences related to the fundamental rights and equal opportunities for all in the EU, to the principles that are a priority for the daily life of citizens, with representatives and citizens’ unions from 12 EU municipalities
  • events in vivo, utilizing sport as a model and best practice bringing together diverse people, migrants, elderly, women, handicaps, etc


  1. promotes the collaborative action in mixed groups of citizens and unified diverse events and sports, the most popular events between youngsters  and the most legitimated in the heart of the disabled persons and in the consciences of all European citizens, in civic associations, in professional unions, in schools, etc.,
  2. sensitizes civil society on issues concerning the antidiscriminative behavior and the relevant achievements and motivates citizens to participate in such activities providing all necessary information to get involved for action in such unified groups,
  3. highlights that “accessibility ” means  all citizens  should have access on an equivalent basis in public goods, natural environment , conveyances on technologies and information and communication systems , as well as in all the services , structures , facilities and events ,
  4. supports disabled participants to develop physical skills, improve techniques, enhance the “fair play” and mostly integrate in a society, that ”wounded” by the recession has marginalized values ​​and principles that underpinned European building: equality, solidarity, justice,  social contribution, co- belonging in a greater anthropocentric community and common unifying European identity.

On these values is dedicated the 2013 and for these values EU received the Nobel peace. Regarding the added value, the strategy Europe 2020 and European dimension, the program leads to long friendships among participants and lays the basis for more sustainable networks of collaboration in Europe.