Andravida- Kylini municipality is located in western Greece and has been created by kallikrati’s program, which is a merger from pre-existing municipalities of Andravida, Vouprasia, Killini’s Castle and Lehena

The geographical area is about 354.12 squared kilometers and its population is approximately 26.333(people) according to the census of 2001. Lehaina is defined as the core of municipality and Varda as historical core.

Andravida municipality is rich in agricultural products and fishing. Furthermore, it is an area beside the sea (Ionian sea) and has also organized, clean beaches and all kind of tourist accommodation (luxurious hotels to camping). Moreover, there is a harbor in Kyllini, with itineraries to Kefalonia and Zakinthos. Also, Andravida has a War Airport and lots of historical monuments for sightseeing.


An operational program is evolving at municipality of Andravida, which is an integrated program of: (a) local development (b) internal development and is according to aims of municipal authority and directions of development planning in regional and national level. This program concerns not only about the infrastructures, projects and local investments at municipality of Andravida – Kyllini but also concerns about the improvement of subsistent organization and about the municipal operation, as a local authority, ensuring economic ans social development and improving the standards of lining both for their citizens and theit visitors too.

Also, program’s aim is to highlight cultural heritage and sports events. To sum up, Andravida is a hosted municipality and can be a point of reference of Western Greece with multiple activities which are aimed to project culture, sports and creative values such as: social equality, tolerance to diversity, “fair play”, solidarity and fellowship.